Proudly introducing the CAT C-16 Sound & Engine Pack. All sounds were professionally recorded from a Peterbilt 379 wrecker which has 8-inch straight pipes and an 800HP CAT C16 tuned engine running with a C18 cam!

Full engine sound set professionally recorded from the engine, intakes and exhausts.

Complete engine RPM spectrum recorded, producing a very detailed sound.

575, 600, 625, 800 and 1000HP engines.

Will work with all default trucks and popular modded trucks such as the Rollin 389, Jon-Ruda W900 etc (see full list).

Open Definition files for modders.

Free updates.

Convoy Support.

Includes a FREE bonus – Zeemod Air Fresheners!

Also includes Zeemods custom systems as follows:

Zeemods Dynamic Volume Effects.

This means that the volume of the engine, exhaust, turbo and intakes will fade more realistically over distance and each sound emitter is placed realistically.

Zeemods Dynamic Sound Effects.

This means that various effects are dynamically applied to the exhaust sound to simulate the engine taking a load. You’ll hear the exhaust note change as the throttle is pressed and will sound different depending on how heavy your truck is.

Zeemods Dynamic Acoustics Effects.

This means that there is a special acoustic effect applied to the exhaust, turbo and intake sound to replicate the environment in which the sound is being produced. This widens the audio and added realistic reverberation producing an incredibly immersive experience.

Zeemods Multi-stage Jake Brake.

This means that each stage of jake brake available in this truck has its own unique sound.

Compatible with: 1.49


scs for the base files
kapitan for teaching me how to make fmod
jerry for some sound effects

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