CANADREAM V2.45.6 1.46

Coast to Coast map 2.11.15 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.12.3
2-Coast to Coast 2.42

compatible ATS 1.42
compatible C2C 2.12.3


ManiaX, Update Long Haul Gamer.
update Mantrid

4.5/5 - (45 votes)

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rar CanaDream_v2.45.6 93 MB
rar ME-CD_Country_Propagation_Patch 359 KB
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19 Comments on “CANADREAM V2.45.6 1.46”

  1. Heading eastbound from Winnipeg into Ontario the road sign says 100 km/h but in the telemetry it shows 62 km/h. That needs to be fixed to 62 mph which is 100 km/h.

  2. it would really be nice and i would really much apriciate if there comes a standalone.. since i deff do not like c2c(i do respect the work put into it) its just not my thing its to empty

  3. Ok! The problem was resolved. The patch : ME-CD_Country_Propagation_Patch.scs must be activated.

    activate in this order :

  4. I have been using CANADREAM – V2.9.1 for a while now. Today i have a problem, i can not fill up my truck with fuel ( SCS Volo 780 ) or take a rest period. It does not matter where i am. Untill today this has not happened.

  5. Thank you so much for this Mod ! I always wondered if I would be able to drive across parts of Canada in ATS, and now I can ! Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. I running this version and I can’t cross the Canada border it just will not let me in any border. Older version worked I have open shops out in Canada before. Any clue or is it Coast to Coast 2.7.1

  7. Saubere Karte, schöne Details, aber am Grenzübergang zu Kanada keine Symbole zum öffnen der Barrieren

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