Colombia Map Mapkalo – is 1:1 scale map with real routes and including all big Colombian cities. This map replaces the original map from ATS game with the country of Colombia. Map has new lighting arrangements, new textures and very detailed weather conditions, to have a better simulation experience in the ATS game. Mapkalo Colombian Map promises to be one of the most played maps for the American Truck Simulator, since it will be expanding all its missing routes and cities.

Features Colombia Map Mapkalo:
– Standalone map;
– Real scale map 1:1;
– Dangerous Roads included;
– Includes all big Colombian cities;
– Detailed roads;
– Custom placeables and Colombian atmosphere;
– Traffic and pedestrians;
– Support for Multiplayer Convoy;
– Support for buses and trucks;
– Nice landscapes around the map;
– Improved and optimized for the latest ATS game version.
Tested on game version 1.47.x


Kaloma Restrepo, Harry Gameplay

4.1/5 - (18 votes)

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File File size
zip Colombia_Map_Mapkalo_v2.6_1.49 4 GB
rar Colombia_Map_Mapkalo_v2.5_1.47 4 GB
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7 Comments on “COLOMBIA MAP MAPKALO V2.6 1.49.X”

  1. great map very beautiful and challenging but it needs hiring agencies and the tow truck option needs some tweaks because when u call for a tow it spawns u in the tow yard on top of objects or inside of a garage u cant get out of……..other than that the map is great

  2. We need recruitment agencies and please fix the spawn points for when u call the tow truck because it spawns u on top of objects and inside of garages u can’t get out of…… the map tho it’s very beautiful

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