Until SCS revamps Arizona here’s a little mod I did last year that gives some life to Flagstaff. It adds a couple of events, pedestrians crossing sidewalks, accidents, parked vehicles and trucks, restaurant buzzing with life, birds, smoke coming out of sewers, bus stop with tourists, etc. East of the city there are truck events, a horse farm and some wildlife. Highly suggested to use with Jazzycats traffic vehicle mods to create some variety. It is what is used in the screenshots together with his truck packs. You can use it vanilla but the traffic packs makes the mod better overall.

Just to be clear, this mod does not alter the road layout so don’t expect this to be a complete map rework of Flagstaff (which would be heavily needed imo). I’ll leave that to SCS for the future or someone more talented than me. I don’t think there is any other map mod that changes Flagstaff so this mod should not cause any issues. Oh and I experimented a bit with pedestrian paths so there could be some minor bugs in there. Let me know if you find something completely bonkers, and I’d love to hear what else could be added here. FYI this mod should not be considered a finished or even a decent mod, it’s just a bit of fun to create life in and around Flagstaff.



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