Simplified Directions
1. Copy the Zip File,
K-DOG’s Map America v1.46b,
to your mod folder, then unzip it into its own folder.
Delete or move the K-DOG’s Map America v1.46b zip file to a different folder outside the game,
it is no longer needed. It is to big to use as a .scs or .zip file
Open the new folder and verify the map files are there.
There will be multiple folders and a .JPG file a Text Document and a .SII file.
Start the game, activate map in mod manager.
The first [1st] install will take about 5 minutes.
This map contains Road files and other files built and designed by other famous Modders.
Their names are listed in the credits file and below.
The road to Alaska from Whitehorse, and the road connections between Discover Ontario
and CanaMania are built and designed by myself, K-DOG,
And also, as usual, I also made all The maps listed, work as one mod.
CanaMania, Coast 2 Coast, ATS Route Alaska, Discover Ontario,
Project Dakota’s by xTURMOILx, Mid Atlantic Project, Midwest Expansion,
Reforma with Sierra Nevada, Vermot map, and Radiator Springs.
This map can not be duplicated by any map mod combo


route alaska v 1.3 author: “ivm”
CanaDream v2.4 author: “ManiaX”
Coast to Coast v2.12.44 author: “Mantrid”
Island Map 0.2.1 author: “Duckie”
Midwest Expansion v168 author: “Jacemeister”
Montana Expansion v1.0.4.2 author: “xRECONLOBSTERx”
PMA-C2C PUBLIC author: “GrayBones”
CanaDream and Triangle v2.16.1 author: “Robby Van Calster”
Reforma 2.3.2 Mexico Part author: “Reforma Team”
Sierra Nevada v2.2.40 author: “Reforma Team”
Mega Resources 2.3.2 author: “Reforma”
Reforma C2C Compatibility Patch v.12 author: “Eblem”
Montana Canadream RC author: “xRECONLOBSTERx”
Blending by K-DOG

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41 Comments on “K-DOG’S MAP AMERICA V1.46C”

    1. You figure out a fix for this? I’ve got Alaska north mod and there no road connecting Whitehorse to Alaska. Promods connector makes the game crash

  1. Love the mod. Just some minor issues but so far not game breaking. I think the break’s in the map are either map maker error or version. K-Dog I think has just put it all together as a single file. I could be wrong though, not an expert.

  2. Hello you k-dog’s Listen on the 84th road, it throws between Ontario and the Dalles and when you get closer to the end of the map with a scrol and you move it away, it also throws and when you take the load on the island and press ESC it throws and removes the load

  3. K-Dog, you going to update this for 1.45 because there’s breaks in the map for Cody, Wyoming and other places

  4. it is a nice map but after many updates it has breake and bug around yakima city and road 82 .
    and there are no roads to cody city. please fix them all for next version. thanks a million.

  5. There are some bugs on Road 40 and 82 and Yakima city and Cody and some roads are half and there is a cut between them and there are no roads to some cities. Please fix them all for next update. Tnx a million.

  6. O jogo está fechando quando eu chego na região de cleveland , Toledo, cincinnati , simplesmente o jogo trava , e uma pena isso pois o mod é muito legal.

  7. I wish next update will be without any bugs and breaks and crashes. After updating many times some crashes has been added to previous crashes.
    When we arrive to some cities and in the middle of some roads and around some cities there are many bugs and breaks and crashes. Some roads has been cut and some roads are invisible or there is a gap between them.its not good for this mod.
    I wish next update will be without them all. tnx

    1. I got the same issue theres A LOT of holes in the middle of the roads or just completely broken. Game crashes are really bad I can’t even go to Buffalo NY because I crash as soon as I enter Buffalo to go to Canada it seems this update made things worse but trial and error hopefully it gets fixed next update. I literally won’t exit the official SCS states because I’m just so overwhelmed by the bugs

  8. This mod is great except for one issue that is still persisting. When you want to quick travel within the map with the DLCs that have been released the mod crashes and goes to the steam front page. This should be investigated and then possibly fixed.

  9. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR GAME!! This will screw up almost all aspects of your profile beyond repair. After you realize how half assed the mod is, once you cross out of SCS maps, prepare for bland junk, floating objects, and game breaking errors. The mexico map is nice, but this author didnt make that part. The rest of the states are trash and expect to fall through the map and more.

    1. That’s why when I use map mods I always make a new profile for them. But you can also backup the latest save file so if things mess up you can delete the messed up files then replace with the backup. Don’t blame the modder because you don’t know what you’re doing.

  10. belle map mais trop de bug in game …. des murs invisible oublié . c’est dommage elle permettrait de faire de sacré voyage !!! mais je la recommande pas pour le moment suite à trop de bug .

  11. Hello KDog I really hope u update ur map to 1.46 with Texas add on I really love that u have Defiance Ohio on ur map as I live in Defiance Ohio I would be using ur map now if it worked with the new 1.46 game

  12. Great job to all involved the greatest map mod ever, keep up the awesome work is there going to be any expansion as the picture has me wondering?

  13. hi
    ich liebe deine karte aber leider kann man die nicht im scs convoy fahren. kommt dazu noch was? wäre echt genial oder kann man das fi vo der 1.45 noch nehmen?
    merry christmas and happy new year

  14. Hey, thanks for this awesome map combo!
    I have a number of invisible walls on I 74 between Bloomington IL towards Champain and beyond Champain.
    no idea how many there are, but after 5 times total damage it was enough for me ;-(
    regards Mike

  15. i have a problem that when i open the map it crashes when i try to scroll up, and i already installed the map fix, can someone help?

  16. Lets get down to the brass tax as the saying goes. Great job joining the current map mods together but….unlike your last multi map joining their are several issues.

    1. Invisible wall just past the toll booth on highway 40D outside durango mexico. Also along side the same road next to it is also a hidden wall.
    2. Broken highway between durant and highway 35 in states.
    3. Game crashes on highway 65. From Mobile to Montgomery
    4. Game crashes at intersection route 78, 81, 76 near Baltimore.
    5. Game crash near Toronto Canada. Entire section of Toronto is a no go zone.
    6. Broken road near Rutland.
    7. Broken/unfinished road near Garden City , route 25 south.

    There are several other hidden walls throughout the other areas of the map where maps where joined. Cant remember where they were now cause I didn’t mark them down.

    In my opinion the old way the map was done was better. This way seems there is WAY too many issues. I know its a free map and KDOG did put in the time to join them with what ever program they used. Nice map and i really liked using the 1.45 version before the way it was done was changed. Hope these issues and any other are Fixed so wont have to deal with game crashing or hidden walls.

  17. Well I followed the instructions on how to install. and cant even get in game crashes as soon as i launch ats. Reinstalled and tried several times

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