A beautiful property in the mountains of Oregon near Lakeview. The garage shows up as Lakeview when purchase it. This yard is pretty hard to navigate but with a 53ft and daycab there was more than enough room.
The first garage is only meant to sleep in without trailer so don’t even bother trying to back a trailer up in there but if you can then kudos to you!
The big hill before the service station is pretty steep but I made it up with a weak Cat 3176 no trouble, just make sure gear down and if you still have trouble use your lockers (V key).
This yard is not meant for stretched Peterbilts and lowboy trailers however my next yard will cater more to those people, stay tuned!
With this yard you get a service station, two sleep triggers (one at the house and one at the service station) and you get a fuel station.
The purchasable garage is not far away and is called Lakeview.

Game version: 1.49



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