REFORMA V2.6.7 1.49


The Reforma map mod for American Truck Simulator is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s base map, adding new cities, roads, and landmarks throughout Mexico. With a focus on realism and attention to detail, the mod offers players an authentic trucking experience on the diverse and vibrant roads of Mexico. The Reforma mod includes a range of new features, including custom assets, improved lighting and weather effects, and more challenging and realistic road layouts. With a vast new world to explore and a range of new challenges to face, the Reforma map mod offers a fresh and exciting experience for ATS players.

-Merge of Pazz, Mexico Extremo, Mexxsimap, Viva Mexico and free parts of Eblem’s beta work into one map
-No more separate download of files, but map mod in one file (includes the mega resources too)
-Compatibility for 1.43 version of ATS
-New areas by Pazz, Indio, and Palmspring
-Chihuahua Beta 5 by Eblem released for FREE and added to this map
-New Mexico themed models (thanks to Stephanie)
-Bug fixing (both visual as performance fixes)
-Introduction of service signs on USA parts of this map
-Reworked/rebuilt older parts of the map (both USA and Mexico)
-Scenery improvements, especially in older Sierra Nevada parts



Reforma Team

3.7/5 - (26 votes)
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10 Comments on “REFORMA V2.6.7 1.49”

  1. crashes my game to desktop. possible to get a list of all the components i might need and what order to put them in etc.
    running 1.48, Promods Canada, and C2C map

  2. There are some parts of this mod that are really impressive but it seems like in most cases they went for quantity over quality. I just can’t recommend it. If you like C2C this will likely be right up your alley. But for me, there are just too many missing textures, pop-ins, floating, clipping and sunken buildings that show the lack of care that goes into each and every area like Promods or Great America takes so seriously. There are other issues too, like the very boarder crossing in Arizona has the crossing gates offset in the middle of the road so you can only cross on the very right lane, as well as the frequent AI traffic not driving in the actual lanes. There’s more as well but I’ll stop there.

    1. The worst thing is that Eblem, the creator, gets annoyed when we ask him to optimize it. A pity, he works the landscapes in an incredible way, but the optimization is painful.

  3. por favor que alguien me diga si este mapa de reforma trabaja bien si no se congela a la ora de jugarlo

    1. Lo siento por mi español roto. No sé si entiendes inglés o no, así que prueba español con Google Translate. Sí, funcionó en 1.43, pero tenía un error menor: ir a Tucson hizo que el juego colapsara. Ahora que salió la versión 1.44, déjame comprobarlo. Pero puedo asegurarle que, salvo algunos problemas menores, debería funcionar correctamente. Gracias.

      Sorry for my broken Spanish. I don’t know if you understand English or not, so trying Spanish with Google Translate. Yes, it worked in 1.43, but had a minor bug – going Tucson made it crash the game. Now that 1.44 is out, let me check. But I can assure you that except for some minor problems, it should run properly. Thank you.

  4. Hello there. Sorry to disturb you again. As you know, Reforma is the favorite map mod for me in ATS. After my request, you’ve updated the patch within the next day, thank you for that.
    I’ve driven most of the places in Mexico, no problem found. But unfortunately, I can’t access Tucson (AZ). Before you ask, no, it’s not a problem from any other mods. I’ve tested and found that if I remove Reforma Mexico mod, it works perfectly and I can access Tucson. But if I use Reforma Mexico mod, I can’t access the road which connects I10 and I8, passing the connection between I10 and I19 (which goes towards Nogales), upto the connection between I10 and Route90 (which goes towards Sierra Vista). I flew to the above mentioned cities, no problem there. But if I type in “goto Tucson” in console, the game freezes and crashes. The same happens if I try to go through I10 towards Tucson in the above mentioned road.
    I really hope you’d look into the matter and solve it ASAP. Once again, thank you for an amazing map mod.

  5. Reforma C2C Patch is the wrong one here (v8, for 1.41). Please update the newer patch. Reforma is one of the reason I play ATS. So, I also would want to thank you while requesting you to update with the correct patch. Thanks in advance.

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