Man Fortuna Bus & Skin 1.49

Man Fortuna Bus & Skin 1.49

The bus, whose curtains, headboards and driver’s bed are produced by a subcontractor in Ankara. Its assembly is done in the factory near Esenboğa Airport in Ankara. Yesterday, 6 buses were seen taken for test drives in the area in question in half an hour. This is a sign that Manas, will become assertive in the market with Fortuna.

They are an exquisite bus… It is one of those types that makes you say you would never expect such a performance from a bus… Even though I think it cannot compete with Mercedes O403s, it is perfect with its comfort, incredible comfort and wonderful exterior structure, the journey is very enjoyable…*

What’s in our vehicle?

Front, rear door and trunk animation

-Night and Ambient Lighting
-Sound adapted with Fmod
-Different different coatings
-Real alcoa rim
-And more ..


Polat Yıldıran
Comodore (alperen39)

Download mod

File File size
rar Man_Fortuna_Bus_Skin_1_49 187 MB
rar Man Fortuna 1.49.rar 187 MB
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