Range Rover Startech 2018 1.42-1.49

– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– 3 Different Plate
– 4 Different Wheel Chrome-Paint
– 4 Steering Wheel Texture
– 4 Seat Texture
– 4 Dial GPS Animation
– 2 Different Sound

Updated to game version 1.49
Updated to game version 1.48
Updated to game version 1.47
Updated to game version 1.46
Traffic bots lighting error

Changelog 1.44
-Fixed a glass glare issue
-Improvements have been made to the coatings
-Fixed bugs

-1.43 Correction
-Organized ones
-Fixed the glass rain issue
-Fixed the black part that appeared in the mirror
-Physics has been corrected
-Fixed the issue of glass glare
-Fixed the glass reflection issue
-Fixed the mirror glare issue
-Fixed the problem of not appearing in the mirror in the evening


Wheel Coverings Have Been Changed
Added Seat And Steering Wheel Texture Option
The Voice Has Been Changed
Added Seat Texture Option
Fixed a Glass Problem
Fixed a Mirror Error
Fixed a Handover Issue
Fixed a Gliding Issue




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