Renault Clio V V1R120 1.46

Renault Clio V 1.38

The mod contains this:
– Joy & Icon
– Mettalic color presets
– Full animated interior
– Original dashboard
– Additional spoiler and exhausts
– Completely AO rendered and bumped models
– All original rims
– OZ custom racing rims
– Chassis height option
– Completely standalone
– Realistic lights and masks

Updated to 1.46
Updated to 1.45
Fixed lights
Added plate lights
Fixed mirror and road lights
Updated to 1.43
Fixed log spam
Updated to 1.44


– trzpro (convert, interior detailing, animations, dashboard, textures and more…)
– Skybh (for getting model)
– Huseyin Ulken & Yelkant Modacı
– Hüseyin Beşparmak (Rims)

4.6/5 - (11 votes)
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2 Comments on “Renault Clio V V1R120 1.46”

  1. The Renault Clio V is one of my favorites. The game only crashes when you change the interior color. Otherwise everything works great.

  2. would be nice if the Clio V could get a trailer hitch. So that you could, for example, attach a caravan.

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