Toyota Corolla 2018 V1R140 1.48

Toyota Corolla V1R2 1.33.x

Vehicle features:

Animated gear and other animations
Metallic color
HQ Model
Find out more
The vehicle comes out in every gallery.
Works in version 1.43.

Aracın özellikleri:

Animasyonlu vites ve diğer animasyonlar
Metalik renk
HQ Model
Bilinmesi gerekenler
Araç her galeride çıkar.
1.43 sürümünde çalışır.

Changes: Updated to 1.47

updated to 1.48
Fixed dealer problem
Fixed headlights
Fixed steering_w
Updated physics


Emir Bardakçı (trzpro)
Yelkant Modacı (yellow1441)
Maxim Zhuravlev

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