Actros Plus New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul 1.49

Actros Plus New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul 1.49


-Rework of models, textures, uv-maps and animations
-ComfortLine, HomeLine, StyleLine and Carbon Edition
-Completely new satnav, aircon, tachograph, fleet-management device and window lift panel
-Bosch TCC (Truck Control Center) in 4 Variants (Touch, High, Mid, StdLow) with infotainment support
-Dashboard, cabin and ambient lighting
-Additional wind-deflectors for side windows
-Detachable roof-deflector / aero-kit
-Rework of headlights / xenon and halogen variant

Changelogs 1/27/24

-Updated steering wheel backlights, now it will sync when switching dashboard lights
-Compatibility for 1.49



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