BC Interior Belka accessory 1.49

BC Interior Belka accessory v1.0 1.46.x

Modification allows you to purchase various accessories for the interior of your truck.


-Reworked lighting
-Reworked top lights (new textures, lightmask, new lighting).
-The lights of the top lights “Torpedo”
-“Chrome” option for top lights
-High beam headlights Pollux9, Castor7, Intense9
-New badges Volvo F/FH grille, Intercooler, V8
-33 continent plates to the grille.
-TIR plates to the grille.
-Beacons to the roof 5 colors
-Reworked front mudguards (new textures, – shadows).
-Reworked Double Burners (New model, texture, light mask, new lighting).
-Reworked Lollipops for mirrors (New model, texture, light mask, new lighting).
-Bibendums to the roof.
-Mudflaps for the trailer (Only for Krone DLC).
-Badges ​​to the grid (Ecological class, Michelin).
-Changed lighting
-Increased light visibility range (For convoy)
-Adapted “Lollipops” for “Scania RJL” and “Man Gloover”;
-Adapted slots on the spoiler (backlt) “Scania RJL” under the lights of the “TopLamp”;

The modification includes:

-Tables for trucks,
-Stickers on the windshield and side windows,
-slots on the panel and windshield Dashboard mat,
-Ambient interior lighting (located in the beacons slot (turned on together with the side markers)) + main light (in addition to the background lighting +Basic) (turned on from the flashing beacons button (default O)),
-Side curtains and curtains on the windshield,
-Air freshener “Poppy” and “Poppy mini” Caps on the panel,
-Hanging air fresheners “Poppy”,”Areon” and others,
-Air freshener “Poppy Mini” on the deflector,
-Lightboxes on glass,
-Triangle pennants,
-Pennant “mini scarf”,
-Hanging dice


Poppy flavors on the panel
Lightboxes for glass
Penalty triangles
Vimpel “Mini scarf”
Hanging cubes
Models have collision and shadow
Support more than 60 trucks
Works in the official convoy

Update: 28 May

-Added an addition in the form of reduced slot icons for the service
-Added support for Man TGX 2020.
-Added 9 variants of mini scarves
-Added caps for Air freshener “Poppy”
-Added new curtain variant (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added new table type “Extra Long” (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added panel mount for “Poppy air freshener” (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added panel and windshield slots (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added icons and slots for them (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added windshield and side glass stickers (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added two colors of ambient lighting and increased the brightness of the glow (only for Man TGX 2020)
-Added new variants for hanging carton air freshener, changed physics (only for Man TGX 2020)

Changelog: Fixes and added support new truck mods. Fixes

Added new curtains on the frontal (adapted for all trucks)
Hard of fringe on triangular pennants (texture, material)

Fixed support:
Volvo F10 by Stas555
Man tgx 2022 by ombelis
Scania Ng T by Azzorax Modding

Added support:

Scania t4/g/t/by rjl
Scania G/P4 By Redex01
Volvo FH16 by Eugene
Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service
Renault DSI Tandem by Etophia
Renault Magnum by Knox_xss
Renault Evo by Gloover
Man 19.361 by Truck Access Simulator
Scania 113h by Rafael Alves
Renault R by Truck Access Simulator

Fully tested for 1.49



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