Brazil North Map v 4.3 1.49.x

Brazil North Map Reworked 1.31-1.37

Brazil North Map – On the map there are roads of varying complexity and with different surfaces. There are places where you have to overcome water barriers. Brazil is an exotic country famous for its colorful carnivals, endless sandy beaches, tropical flora and fauna and colorful multinational culture. Many fans of the simulator ETS 2 have already traveled to the virtual version of this outlandish state with the help of modification EAA Map, and here is a new addition that allows you to take a fresh look at this part of the South American continent.

Features Brazil North Map:

– Free map with 398 cities from all regions of Brazil.
– No DLC required.
– Virtual Companies present in several cities.
– Orders for garages, farms and residences present on the map by your customers as part of the project.
– Thousands of stretches of dirt roads in existing rural areas;
– + 120 bus stations on the map, including in all capitals and random in cities in the interior.
– Own passenger load embedded on the map. (no third-party mods required).
– Load of own greengrocers (dry load) embedded in the map for use by ceasas. (no third-party mods required).
– CEASAS for rigid trucks with inbound and outbound loads in all capitals as well as others in strategic cities.
– Sites and Farms with the names of subscribers who participate in the lives and videos premiered on the MAPA BR BRASIL ETS2 YouTube channel.
– Giant and functional scales.
– Tolls on various sections and highways
– Ferry crossings in different places.
– Original SCS scale.
– Cities made from scratch in a symbolic and strategic way on the map.
– Link roads randomly, following something analogous at some point.

Changes in v4.3:

– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49

Tested on game version 1.49.x


Reinaldo Souza,Dk

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4 Comments on “Brazil North Map v 4.3 1.49.x”

  1. My name is Reinaldo Souza – thnask for credits . The North BRASIL MAP is name in english with BR BRASIL is same map with expansion all Brazil country, but is ok with map download last version and information above, but only the name map for ETS 2 1.49 is wrong. North Brazil map no longer exists and has been obsolete since 2021, it is inside of my new project since 2021 with name BR Brasil expansion full Brazil country, and we are already in version 4.3 as stated, but is with the old map name above. everything is ok, you can do download and play normally, thanks.

  2. I can’t see the difference between this and “BR Brasil”, besides the absence of the rest of the country and the VERY USEFUL state lines… Is this from another creator?

  3. What’s the difference between this and BR Brasil? I thought “Norte Brasil” was the old name of the map. Is this from another creator or what? Seems very similar to BR Brasil, but without the rest of the country… Odd

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