Corfu Promods Fix 1.45

Corfu Promods Fix 1.45

Makes Corfu Compatible with Promods

Supported Game Versions: 1.46

Latest Version Load order:

–Other Mods–

Promods Assets
Promods Definitions
Promods Map
Promods Media (Optional)
Promods Models 1
Promods Models 2
Promods Models 3
Corfu Promods Fix
Corfu and The Greek Islands Def/Map

1.46-0.1 2022-11-17
– 2x Fixed and updated for Corfu 1.0.5 and Promods 2.63

Changelogs v1.45-2.0
– Icon Update



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File File size
zip gmc.corfu.promods.fix 693 KB
zip gmc.corfu.promods.fix_1_46 1 MB
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