Fikcyjna Polska 1.44 – 1.47

The map is standalone
When creating a profile, select the game module: polska.mbd

About 700 km of roads in the scale of 1:5

Map is ready for 1.46 and include:

– Realistic road grid
– Around 60 cities
– Above 1000km roads in 1:5 scale
– Many characteristic points on the map


– full adaptation to the official version of the game 1.47;
– new settlements (Sitsins, Yaststrybyby-Gura, Zbakuv-Dolny);
– New roads (DW324, DW305);
– reconstructed intersection in Fremier;
– Error correction.


New cities:
– Torzym
– Poźrzadło
– Wilkowo
– Stęszew
– Ścinawa
– Wińsko
– Wąsosz
– Rawicz
– Głogów

Expanded / new roads:
– new DK12 to Głogów (25km)
– short section S5 (from the Poznań-Zachód node to the Stęszew node)
– DK36 expansion to the east (additional 65km)
– expansion of DK92 (additional 35km) and A2 west (additional 35km)
– refreshed DK92 and DK94 (new vegetation, additional objects along the road and optimization)
-New Nowa Sól node on S3
-first phase of visual improvement S3 (section Polkowice-Zielona Góra) and A2 (section Poznań-Świebodzin), more marking, new vegetation, slightly improved performance in some sectors, more companies, villages, advertisements and other elements along the road
– the beginning of works on the expansion of Wrocław, Wrocław North node (impassable for now).

Changes 1.5.1
– adaptation for version 1.44.x;
– Fixed many errors.

Changes 1.5
– 23 new cities
– more than 600 km of new roads
– registration signs are adapted to specific cities / provinces
– greeting at the entrance to this voivodship, a description of characteristic places
– ITD Libra
– rebuilt Amazon Sady
– Vegetation has been changed on the entire map from French to Baltic.
– replacing most noise -defendant fences with more realistic on the main roads (S3, S5, A2)
– Seller of used trucks (Lwówek on DK92 and Błonie on DK94)
– all the sounds of the card in FMOD are converted, additionally added birds in the forests
– Each city (including cities without name) has its own sign with the name.
– customizable scale of the base card on the download screen and under “M”
– New road signs throughout the map
– corrections (but there are still many errors)


MATAMET, Hapayek, Tomek

4.8/5 - (6 votes)

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7z FikcyjnaPolska_1_5_1 633 MB
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