Finnmark Mod ETS2 1.43

Finnmark Mod - Beta 1.39

Update for 1.43 & ProMods 2.60
Fixed bugs

Changelog v0.4 beta
Update for1.41

Changelog v0.3 beta
Additions are the E45 from Kautokeino to Alta and Alta itself. The E6 between Skaidi and Alta bro had already been designed by ajungrei93 and has merely been unlocked

Changelog v0.2 beta
Update for 1.40 & Promods 2.52

This is an attempt to extend the ProMods map in Norway’s north-easternmost region.
This is a beta version

It requires all SCS map DLCs (Going East, Scandinavia, Baltic, France, Italy and Black Sea) as well as ProMods 2.51.
It works together with the Middle East Addon of Promods but it is not mandatory. It has not been tested with other map combinations.

Currently it consists of the continuation of the E75 from Varangerbotn to Vardø as well as the roads from Tana bru to Berlevåg as well as Båtsfjord.

New Cities: Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vadsø, Vardø, additionally some places that act as scenery only.
New Companies: 7 + 1 ownable garage.



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