Île de France Map (Paris suburbs) V 0.1.0 1.49

Île de France Map (Paris suburbs) v0.1 1.44

I will present my first map and project inspired by the Île-de-France region, located in France wich includes the city of Paris. The size of the map is approximately 1:1 but some parts may not look like the real thing and have been subject to changes. This is a standalone map.

[+] Addition of the city of Vincennes.
[+] Fixed many bugs.
[+] Map now compatible for people without the Krone DLC.

-Fixing all bugs.
-Improve old parts of the map.
-Highways signs rework on the A3, A4 and A86.
-More cities.
-Add custom trailers matching with companies.
-Consistent deliveries with the production of the companies.



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One Comment on “Île de France Map (Paris suburbs) V 0.1.0 1.49”

  1. j ai téléchargé la map qui est super, le seul problème c est quand on veut accéder au menu avec la touche echap. on sort du jeux et quand on revient on a plus de mission, il y t il un correctif ?

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