Jan Mayen Promods Addon v 2.2.3 1.46

Jan Mayen (Promods Addon) FIX v0.2.1

Jan Mayen is a Norwegian volcanic island located in the Arctic Ocean located roughly 370 miles north east of Iceland.
It’s a small project as I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew for my first release. However the island is teeming with culture.

Supported Game Versions: v1.46


Digital X, Digital Y

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One Comment on “Jan Mayen Promods Addon v 2.2.3 1.46”

  1. I noticed that this map is pretty much flat, while the real island is quite different. There are also AI vehicles disappearing at some intersections which is a oversight that needs to be fixed. The scale of the map is also completely off.

    The idea is great, but unfortunately aside from that there is little really to go on at this stage (v 2.2.3 1.46) I guess it’s good if you don’t look at details too much and just want more roads. If you like realism then this isn’t for you (at least not as it is right now)

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