Maghreb Map v 0.3.5 1.49

Maghreb Map v0.1

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3 countries – Morocco, Tunisia, Libya
13 cities – Port Tanger-Med, Tangier, Laroche, Tetouan, Kénitra, Ksar El kebir, Sale, Houmt Souk, Jorf, Medenine, Ben Guerdane, Zuwara, Zelten
Roads A5, A4, N2, N1, N16, R416, R410

Own companies
Own police
Authentic models (prefabs, signs, etc.)
Your traffic

It is necessary to have all DLC maps

Compatible with Promods

Maghreb Map Country Name Fix v0.3.4 1.48

Fixes some problems with country names in Maghreb Map, like Libya and Algeria being overlaped. Includes modified “def/country/libya.sii” file from ProMods.

For version 1.48.x


MSG, Dark_Blanc, Edge

3.6/5 - (28 votes)
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3 Comments on “Maghreb Map v 0.3.5 1.49”

  1. What an awfull map. I had almost 2 Billion Euros, many garages and a fleet of trucks and owned trailers. The loads from Morocco went mostly to southern Spain. The best part was I lost everything after installing your map, and had to start all over. I am now deleting your map.

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