Grand Utopia – Map v 1.16 for ETS2 1.50

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This update focuses mainly on the creation of the capital of the island: Utopia. The latter is divided into several districts connected to each other by a ring road as well as other roads. Some parts of the capital are however missing. I did not want to delay too much the publication of this version. Therefore, the port district and the Governor Island are not yet available but will be available in later versions.
In addition, this version brings three new villages: Neyland, Montchaux-Soreng and Courfeyrac. Both are located on the D21 road linking Utopia to the Paradise road.
The village of Aix-Noulette-sur-Hulluch has also been enlarged.

That v1.10 version was made under ETS 1.39 but, as far as you know, SCS Software just released the 1.40 beta. As many people already tried successfully Grand Utopia v1.9 with ETS 1.40, the Grand Utopia 1.10 should works with ETS 1.40 beta.
In any case, know that when the offical and stable version of ETS 1.40 will be ready, a corrected version of v1.10 will be published. I will take advantage of this lapse of time to fix the bugs that will be reported to me in the meantime.

Another feature of this version is that Grand Utopia is now DBus World Ready. This means that as soon as the mod developed by Domcek and Etrusan will be available, you will be able to use it on Grand Utopia.
In this sense, several lines have been created across the map including an urban line for the city of Utopia. Other lines will be added as updates are made.
For more information on this mod, I invite you to visit their website:

Version 1.10 also marks the arrival of many VTCs directly integrated into the mod. You can find the complete list of these virtual companies on the Grand Utopia website.
I especially thank all the people who have trusted and supported me by setting up their company on Grand Utopia. Thank you

Grand Utopia is a fictional world which invites virtual truckers to discover new places and new roads. Inspired from France, this imaginary island country is currently a work-in-progress. I pay special attention to building a high quality world. Emphasize quality rather than quantity !

You must have ALL MAP DLC’s in order to make the map work.

→ 49 available cities and villages
→ 27 planned cities and villages
→ 42 cities and villages sponsored by the community
→ 199 companies to deliver
→ 22 truck dealers
→ 4 highways
→ 18 secondary roads
→ a 7 500 km² playground, in the en



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