Argentina Map Mod (Map CEIBO v 2.5) ETS2 1.49

Mapa CEIBO (Argentina) Map Mod v1.0

Required Dlcs:
Dlc East
Dlc North
Dlc italy
Dlc France
Dlc Baltic Sea

Mapa Ceibo (Argentina) – this mod adds a quality standalone map mod for ETS2 players. To run you need to create a profile and select the mapaceibo.mbd module. The map includes a passenger mod for passenger transport, various roads – both huge highways and rural country roads.

Features Mapa Ceibo (Argentina):

– Standalone map;
– Cities: Loreto, Rio Cuarto, Rosario de la Frontera and Methan;
– Many different roads and interesting interchanges;
– The map shows its own unique Argentinean traffic;
– Exclusive models for the card (brand new);
– Has own companies;
– Beautiful Bus Terminals;
– Realistic Landscape;
– Required all DLC’s.

Working on ETS2 1.49

Changes in v2.5

Adopted to the latest game patch 1.49

Changes in v2.3.1:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.47

Version 2.0 ETS2 1.43:
= Error correction. (Talar terminal, Mar del Plata toll, invisible walls)
= New companies.
= Map optimization.
= Added cities and districts: Tigre, San Justo, Moreno, Moron, Merlo, Tapiales, Florencio Varela, Avellaneda, Lomas de Zamora, Villa Soldati, Flores and Liniers.
= Most important places: Central Market, Liniers terminal and Dellepiane terminal.

New Update Changes 1.9:

Error correction. (Police car).
New companies.
Map optimization.
Added cities: Malvinas Argentinas, Rio Primero, Arroyito, Pedro E. Vivas, Las Varillas, San Francisco, Santo Tomé, San Lorenzo.
Remodeled Cities: Puerto Iguazú, San Nicolas de los Arroyos, San Pedro, Baradero.
Route 19 from Córdoba to the city of Santa Fe was added.
Route 11 was added from Rosario to the city of Santa Fe.
Loading port in Zarate.
Improvements in the curves of Route 9 from Córdoba to Buenos Aires.
Tolls throughout the map have been improved by adding an extra lane for oversized loads.
In the north the famous Iguazu Falls were made.

New Changes:
Correction of bugs
Optimization of the map
Added cities: Alvear, Sato Tomé, Governor Virasoro, Posadas, Santa Ana, San Ignacio, Garden America, Puerto Rico, Monte Carlo, El Dorado, Wanda and Puerto Iguaz úIguazuIguazu
Route 14 added from route 117 (Pass of the free) to cross route
Route 12 added from Posadas to Puerto Iguazu.

Passenger Mod
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

About Map:
We are a Youth Group, we are dedicating ourselves to the modeling of the Map of Argentina of v1.0 it is totally Free, each update and news will be uploaded on this page.


CEIBO TEAM,Pedro Navarrete,Franco Castilla,Franco Ramirez,Kaku Peralta,Manu Romero

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zip Mapa_Ceibo 1 GB
rar Mapa_CEIBO_V1_7 489 MB
rar Mapa_CEIBO_V1_8 503 MB
rar Mapa_CEIBO_V_1_9 559 MB
rar Mapa_CEIBO_V2_0 563 MB
rar Mapa_CEIBO_V2_1 454 MB
rar Mapa_Ceibo_V2_3 667 MB
rar Mapa_Ceibo_V231_1_47 667 MB
rar Mapa_Ceibo_V2_5_1_49 619 MB
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  1. Hola, seria bueno que hicieran el recorrido desde Buenos Aires al Partido de La Costa, San Clemente, Santa Teresita, Las Toninas, La Lucina, San Bernardo, Mar de Ajo, Nueva Atlantis, gracias

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