Mario Map 1.46.x

The Mario map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 includes countries and regions such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, South and North America, and even a map of Ukraine and Russia from the Eastern Express. In addition, each region has its own weather conditions, day and night duration, temperature conditions, as well as specific buildings, vegetation, expensive infrastructure and much more.

This modification will allow you to try out the most grandee project – Mario map for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Thousands of cities and thousands of kilometers of roads! No one has yet done a larger map and do it hardly.

More than 1000 cities
The map includes: Eastern Express + Supplement, Europe with new cities, North and South America
For map operation, you need all DLC

The first load can last for a very long time (do not consider that the game hung)

Here is a updated version of the card under the name – Mario Map, the map is
very popular among users of the game, it sure sign every driver trucker.
Map deserves the popularity. An updated version of the card will please its changes with new
patches, improved performance, detailed zoom and other attractions.

Out of all the add-ons for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2, Mario Map Map rightly
considered the biggest map on the present time. A busy roads, routes, a wide variety of
cross-sections of different options. Map is huge to explore it all, you’ll need a lot of the
game clock. Here are collected in Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine.

The map includes two continents: Europe and Africa.
European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark,Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy.
African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (there is even a pyramid).

Installation order in the manager from bottom to top:

11 above
01 down

Attention! Required DLC Vive la France and Italy DLC.


Updated by Cheech88

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37 Comments on “Mario Map 1.46.x”

  1. Very good work, the new Up Date runs fine no error in Russia and Hawaii
    But do not forget to replace the 3 parts, not copying in mod folder. 😉
    Thanks you

    1. still the same problem no city to click on to to start what do you use when you start a new profile? which module do yo choose?

  2. hey thx Mario, respect man, really appreciate the way you keep this map updated, given it’s the biggest and imho best by far…thx, ps why don’t fools read the the changelog,> lol… great surprise just b4 xmas…

    Felices navidades/Merry xmas bro/hermano

  3. When you start a fresh map what do you choose world map europe map Because when I choose world it gives me no citys to choose from which means it is not working what do you do

    1. Create a new profile, load the mod for the map and click on create, launch the game. Simply.
      (Do not select other location than Europe).
      It will take 10 or 20 minutes until you can play ! the screen may go black, you just have to wait… and the game starts.
      It worked for me.

      1. efectivamente asi si funciona solo tomando el mapa de auropa, ahi si funciona en juego al 100%

  4. Alguém pode fazer esse mapa funcionar , já tentei de tudo .
    faz todo processo na hora de escolher a cidade da erro, já instalei outros mapas e nenhum deu erro.. só esse ta dando erro…. o melhor mapa que encontrei e não consigo usar…

  5. Alguém pode fazer esse mapa funcionar , já tentei de tudo .
    faz todo processo na hora de escolher a cidade da erro, já instalei outros mapas e nenhum deu erro.. só esse ta dando erro…. o melhor mapa que encontrei e não consigo usar…

    Can anyone make this map work, I’ve tried everything.
    makes the whole process when choosing the city of the error, I already installed other maps and none of them gave an error .. only this one is giving error …. the best map I found and I can’t use …

  6. Why the game loads 10-20 mins everytime with this mod? I mean when I go to my profile then click on saved game and then waiting.. waiting… waiting

  7. eine frage gibt es die mario map ein updatet wo dlc iberia mit drin ist wäre super für eine antwort die mario map ist sau geil
    danke im voraus

  8. la Mario 1.44 are multe lipsuri din drumuri si multe bug-uri
    l-am jucat pe cel din v.1.43 si a fost super ok .mi-a placut mult.sper s-o remediati si v.1.44 caci ar fi pacat
    Azi am jucat de la Cairo spre Brazilia si nici jumatate din traseu n-a avut drumuri

  9. Tried all ways with 1.45… map has no places to choose your base. So Which drop down map choice? In Profile set up?

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