Onal Turkey Map v 1.3 1.38.x

Onal Turkey Map v1.1

We have 13 Active Cities in total with v1.1 Version.
10 of them belong to ONAL MAP
ACTIVE CITIES: Bilecik, Yalova, İnegöl, Kırklareli
UNACTIVE CITIES: Dilovası, Gölcük, İznik, Yenişehir, Bozüyük
BORDER DOORS: Dereköy Bulgaria border gate
BRIDGES: Yavuz sultan selim bridge
HIGHWAYS: Northern Marmara Highway
Bus Stations: Bursa Bus Station, Balıkesir Bus Station, İzmit Bus Station, Kırklareli Bus Station

Other Innovations:

Istanbul Was Divided into 2 Collars to Become Anatolia and Europe
All vehicle galleries are shared in cities
Employment agency offices added
Iznik lake added
The one-lane road between Izmit and Gebze was removed, and its dilovası, hereke, lagoon road was replaced.
Inegol city road was changed
Inegol has been turned into an active city
Bursa highway from Yalova, ring road added
Road incidents increased (traffic accidents and road works)
Bulgaria border crossing added
Istanbul Airport Added
Osmangazi Bridge Withdrew From The Beginning (Realized)
Road to İzmit’s 3rd Bridge Towed (Connecting to Northern Marmara Highway)
Added FSM Bridge (Landscape Purpose)
Balıkesir Airport Added
The stalemate at Bandırma euroacres company entrance is connected to the main road
The quality of all buildings in the inconspicuous background for butcher problems has been reduced, and the background buildings have been reduced
New hgs systems were added to Bursa
Sea was added to the banner
Bus station added to Kırklareline
Düzce Local speed limit fixed
Babaeski toll booths added Kırklareli road
Road Confusion in Istanbul resolved
The streets are connected to the ring roads.
Fruit and vegetable vendors added
Population numbers of cities at sunset

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OnalTurkeyMap (OTM) 1.38x Update
Map: Muhammet Önal (M.ON4L)
Fix: Muhammet Önal (M.ON4L)
Onal Turkey Map (OTM) Turkey Maps has been updated to version 1.38.
This update not only fixes the release version of the 1.36 version of the map, but also avoids some common errors on the map.
If we talk about innovations with the transition to 1.37 version
-Bilecik city center has been completely renewed
-The remarkable poor quality buildings in Kırklarel have been removed
– Work has been done against the problems of clogging
-Invisible obstacles removed
– Some regions were given a slope of land, they were made realistic
-The noticeable bugs are fixed.
*** *** Onal Turkey Map of Turkey Map of Dlc Requirements


Muhammet Önal (M-ON4L)

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