PRO BD MAP 8.7 UPDATED For 1.36-1.44

Pro BD Map X

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Pro BD Map is updating and getting more realistic day by day. A lot of changes were made in this update. A lot of thanks goes to Sultan Mahmud. He is the artist and author of the map.
***Note: [ Profile is inside the Zip file.]
Map Type: Standalone
Supported Version: 1.36-43
DLC Required: DLC East, North, France, Baltic sea & Road to balck sea.


Author: Sultan Mahmud
Edited: Imtiaz Anik

4.3/5 - (44 votes)
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10 Comments on “PRO BD MAP 8.7 UPDATED For 1.36-1.44”

  1. WOW! What a great map. Very realistic. It barely loads, crashing six out of ten tries. Adding vehicles causes loading fail. Game will only load the included lame-duck-cheater-profile with $6M start cash and 134269 levels higher than the game’s achievable max of 36 . No where to deliver loads. Terrain prefabs at eye level that stretch across the road which results in you clotheslining your truck and most can’t be driven around. Houses 20ft off the ground. Nowhere to deliver loads. Power poles right down the center of the driving lane. Vehicles parking in the middle of the highway instead of on the side. No where to drop off loads. Speed bumps in a 55mph zone. Buildings in the middle of the road. No way of getting out to the road once a mission has started because there are invisible walls instead of driveways. I didn’t last long enough to buy a truck, but if you are stopped by an invisible wall after you accept a quick freight you certainly won’t be able to enter either. No company markers to accept jobs. Can’t park trailer at destination because there are no drop points, just trailers parked on the wrong side of the road in the place where the GPS stops so I couldn’t even pull over to try to park. GPS does not lead me to a place to drop the trailer. Once the job is accepted if you forget which company you’re delivering to you’re screwed because it is marked on no menu in the game, nor on the map, nor on the GPS, nor on the road. You just get a red line that leads you somewhere then just stops with no indication of where to drop my trailer. New profile game start provides no where to deliver the trailer to. GPS says to deliver it to where you sit. But you can’t uncouple the trailer and end the job. The game won’t let you quit out of the first job. It was nice. I drove around for a few minutes then I had to uninstall it because while it’s nice to have a map where I can drive on the correct side of the road, I can’t even drive around in circles because the roads are all straight lines with no turns. This map reminds me of what I used to create when this game first came out 100 years ago and I was failing at learning how to make maps in this game. I gave up and never released anything but at least simple things were in their proper place like buildings on the ground and out of the road and connected to a driveway so that they can be used. Can you please finish the map or at least make it playable?

    1. Totally agree Alex spencer. i hope the mod creator see and know about him self how lame is he. like why should we have to play with a profile way higher than it should be

  2. haritada çok fazla hata var otobüslerde oyun çökme yapıyor hiçbir şekilde başka kamyon yada otobüs eklenmiyor

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