Promods 2.67 and West Balkans Merge v 0.6 1.49

Promods 2.67 and West Balkans Merge v0.2 1.48.5

I am sure many of us want to explore new West Balkans DLC while having Promods map alongside… Sadly that wont be officially possible for like 4-5 more months… 😐 So I went ahead and made it possible

In my RAR file there are 3 scs files. Promods map and def fix files which you load instead of original Promods 2.67 map and def files and road connection fix file, which you need if you are using my modification in map combo. Road connection fix file should be loaded above all other road connection files that you have in the load order.


1) Adequate map background and/or zoom crash fix
2) Promods 2.67-2.68
3) North Macedonia Rework 1.5.2 (need to change all 3 manifest.sii files to 1.49 compatible if using Promods 2.68)

LOAD ORDER: Put my file above Macedonia Rework def in the load order.

My previous map combo fixes are not needed anymore, if you have either one of them, remove it from the load order!



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