SFIGC MAP V 0.7.3 1.49


The map adds the Shetland, Pharaoh Islands, Greenland, and Canada

Several dozen new cities
18 new ferries
Companies and default cargoes
For work you need a card Promods 2.68

For the version of the game 1.49



4/5 - (3 votes)

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File File size
zip sfigc_0.6.1 1 MB
zip sfigc_0.6.2 1 MB
zip sfigc_0.6.5 2 MB
zip sfigc_0.7 2 MB
zip sfigc_0.7.1 2 MB
zip sfigc_0.7.2 2 MB
zip sfigc_0.7.3 2 MB
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