Silesia Rebuild in Poland v 1.2.0 + connectors 1.46

Silesia Rebuild Promods addon v1.0 1.45

Mod is about rebuild the southern lands of Poland region “Silesia” and the main City Katowice the author is sobieski86.

What We have for You:
New City – Gliwice
New City – Czeladź
Rebuild of Katowice
Rebuild of roads and highways like A4, S86, 86, 79, etc
Rebuild one of the famous roads in Silesia named DTS
Rebuild of Highway A1 – for now Highway is in game but You cannot take a trip from Gliwice to Czestochowa 🙂
Road junctions Sosnica (the biggest road and highway junction in Europe developed in 1:1 scale), Roździeńskiego, Bocheńskiego, Mikołowska, Częstochowa North
And many many other things

How to install mod ?
– You need all DLC also the Iberia and ETS in version 1.45
– You need Promods 2.62 and Poland Rebuild 2.5.4 with fix on Their site
– You need to set the mod ( silesia_1.0.0.scs) above the Poland Rebuild
– You can also set the Poludniowa Polska mode with silesia mod ( the order doesnt matter)

You don’t need fix from PR for promods 2.64 !
Mod is working for ets 1.46 with promods 2.63 or 2.64

For work, all DLC maps, Promods 2.63 or Promods 2.64 and Poland Rebuilding are needed.

Compatible with the Poludniowa Polska map.



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