Southern Region v 12.2 1.49

Features Southern Region Map:

– Dozens of cities and towns of southern Russia
– Thousands of kilometers of roads
– Excellent quality of the environment (at the level with RusMap)
– Supported mods: RusMap, ProMods, Russian Open Spaces, The Great Steppe, Jazzycat’s traffic packs
– Unsupported mods: Seasonal mods/mods changing the time of year
– Required DLCs: “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea”
– Completely redesigned coastline
– Lots of new roads and interchanges all over the map
– New vehicles in AI traffic

All DLC maps are required

For the game version: 1.47.x
Required DLC: “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea” or equivalent fixes
Be sure to uninstall the old version of the card. The new version now consists of 3 parts (def and map, model1, model2)

To unpack the archive, right-click on the first file, click extract, the rest of the files will be extracted automatically

“Southern Region” map – to visit the south of Russia!
“Southern Region” is a new free project dealing with the development of the
map of the South Federal District of Russia for the “Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
This card is perfect lovers of Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.

New version 7.9.0:
– Adaptation for 1.35 and DX11
– Cosmetic changes in Krasnodar, Rostov and almost throughout the entire map

Supported modifications:
RusMap , ProMods , Russian Open Spaces , Great Steppe , jazzycat traffic packs
Unsupported modifications:
modifications that change the time of year

Ferry for ProMods 2.40 and 1.34 (still works with 2.41 and 1.35!)
Support for SiSL’s Mega Pack for the KamAZ
Thematic KamAZ paintjobs by Konstantin Udovichenko
Garage fix for certain cases*
Patch for english names by David2849
*If you play with ProMods or other mods containing the file game_data.sii, and you need
to purchase or upgrade one of the company garages (located in Krasnodar, Kropotkin,
Rostov-on-Don etc), then enable this fix above all active mods.
After all changes to the garage, the fix can and should be disabled.

– Fixed errors in the map Southern Region v.7.9.0
– Work on cosmetic bugs
– Removed invisible walls and fixed gaps in textures
– Download the mod and move the downloaded file to the “mod” folder with a replacement.

Fix for launching the “South Region” map on version ETS2 1.36.x
Connect above the main map files.

SRmap__Def_and_Map_DLC – this is fixes some broken roads when using South Region with DLC Road The Black Sea

Required “South Region”

Replace the SRmap Def and Map file from the South Region map with the attached SRmap Def and Map DLC.

All DLC-map extensions, or their replacement fixes, are required
Be sure to uninstall the old version of the card. The new version now consists of 3 parts (def and map, model1, model2):
1. SRmap [Def and Map] .scs
2. SRmap [Model1] .scs
3. SRmap [Model2] .scs

Fix for run “Southern Region” map on version 1.39.x
Fixed crash & bugs
Connect above the main map files.

Southern Region – Hot Fix

This is a patch to Southern Region 10.0 map for ETS2 v.1.40
It fixes long loading time due to regenerating of the navigation cache every time you load the game

Place Souther Region – Hot Fix above other Southern Region files in the mod manager

Credits: Deidra

“Southern Region” is a free project developing a map of the southern territory of Russia for “Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
This map is perfect for lovers of the Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.

Hot Fix for Southern Region Map 1.41
Fixed invisible traffic lights, outlines of the game world map and other errors
Downloaded Archive Unpack and SCS file transfer to the MOD folder agreeing on replacement

Polish city names / Polskie nazwy miast

Hi I made mod for Polish city names for Southern Region 10.5
You need to check in options to make cities in Polish language

In Polish:

Zrobiłem moda na Polskie nazwy miast do SR 10.5.
W ustawieniach musicie włączyć spolszczenia miast

Fix 1.44

Download original Southern Region 10.9 package and replace the DEFMAP file.
Use with or without any maps.
*this is just a fix, until the original owner has time to release a new version.

v 10.9.1
Use with or without any maps.
No Map changes, Map and Def scs updated to to version 1.44, this is just a fix, until the original owner has time to release a new version.

Southern Region and Rusmap Fix v1.47
Fix connect directly over the Southern region.
Place the fix at the main mod.


Game world: SimKA, Afonya161
Resources: RusMap, SimKA, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD, TZ, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, Afonya161, Vladzz-G
Polish city names: wojson

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9 Comments on “Southern Region v 12.2 1.49”

  1. with 1.48 and 2.66, it loads up fine. I was wondering if there was a better connection to the region, other than a ferry from Messina!?!?
    cant seem to get any of the RUSmap stuff to not crash the game. Russian Open Spaces and Sibir never seem to load.

  2. Again not works, piece of shit. I have all maps Rusmap, Great steppe, road to asia, ect… all works except your fucking map which freezes start game!

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