The Great Steppe project v 2.1.7 1.47

The Great Steppe project v1.3

Great Steppe Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which opens the way from Europe to Asia with the help of the RusMap Project. The modification works both on its own (on the right side of the main map and is not connected with others, that is, autonomously) and in conjunction with RusMap, which provides a road connection with the map of Europe and other modifications …

– Way to Asia
– Plains, small hills, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
– Broken roads (in places)
– Sparsely populated areas, long distances.

To work, you need: Euro Truck Simulator 2 – 1.47.xx., “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea”

The practical map has been completely redesigned, that is, shifted over a more realistic projection similar to SCS.

Changelog V2.1.7
1. Adaptation under 1.46
2. They corrected the swearing for too large “terrain”.
3. Partially poured holes.
4. Corrected the font and most of the signs and signs.
5. Small cosmetic edits.

What’s new:
– Rebuilt some areas
– Replaced many road signs
– Bugs fixed
– Optimization
– Returned to its place the city of Ershov (Russia)

– Uralsk, Atyrau, Inderborsky, Dossor, Makat, Kulsary, Aktobe, Kobda, Alga, Kandyagash, Temir, Shubarkuduk, Mukur, Aktau, Mangistau, Zhanaozen, Shetpe, Beineu, Sai Otes

Adapted for 1.45

What’s new?
Added Mangistau region. New settlements: Aktau, Mangistau, Zhanaozen, Shetpe, Beineu, Sai Otes

Uralsk, Atyrau, Inderborsk, Dossor, Makat, Kulsary, Aktobe, Kobda, Alga, Kandyagash, Temir, Shubarkuduk, Mukur, Aktau, Mangistau, Zhanaozen, Shetpe, Beineu, Sai Otes

New roads: R-94, R-103, A-27, A-28, A-29, A-340, M-32, E-38, E-40, A-33, E-121, R-114, P- 1

Game Version: 1.38.x.x

Installation order:
1. Unpack the downloaded files with the 7zip archiver, click unpack on the first file, then everything will be unpacked. All 3 files must be downloaded and located in one folder.

Then open the resulting file The Great Steppe_1.38 with the 7zip archiver again and all four files

The Great Steppe – def.scs
The Great Steppe – map.scs
The Great Steppe – model.scs
The Great Steppe – model2.scs

move to the folder My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod.

If you are using RusMap, then the file The Great Steppe – model2.scs does not need to be included!

2. Connect all files in the mod manager.
Note: To work correctly, The Great Steppe map must be below the mod list.

Fix for The Great steppe map
Update 1.38.1
Changes: Removed grass on roads other improvements
Place the files from the archive in the mod folder with replacement

Changes: adaptation of the v2.0 map for patch 1.44.x

Changes: Unofficial update – All fixes and fixes are mounted in the map currently (21.01.2021)
For the game version 1.43.x

Changelog v2.0
The new region includes six settlements closely related to each other and two settlements of the Aktobe region from where the main journey begins, about a thousand new game kilometers, so if you are interested, stock up on fuel, provisions and go!
– Other changes and improvements

Changelog v1.5
– Rebuilt some areas
– Replaced many road signs
– Bugs fixed
– Optimization
– Replaced the city of Ershov (Russia)

Fix for the map The Great Steppe

The reason for its appearance is departures (massive and random) in Aktobe.

The fix is ​​a two-in-one:

1. Cure for departure (problematic prefabs found and replaced)
2. This fix includes assets from ‘Fix RusMap_2.4.3-TGS), and therefore it can (and should be disabled).

This mod contains crash fixes for The Great Steppe Map.


Author: 09_KZ,
Model author: aldim @ tor, Gricko, Jazzycat, FLD, FKSSM, SimKA, – help with road signs
Many thanks: Sergey061, Help in adapting for 1.35.x, BenganJ background cards knox_xss, wik412, for the help provided, as well as to everyone else who did not remain indifferent.

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7 Comments on “The Great Steppe project v 2.1.7 1.47”

  1. Please stop with fixes here fixes there… why modders cant do things in the right way and include the needed fixes in the main mods??? its so hard?? sigh. Why they insist of keeping separated fixes of everything?????? are they paid for doing that? . Modding community around these games keeps getting worst in each version lol.

  2. which version do i download?

    for ets2 1.45 – do i download them all? – sorry not played the game for 2 years so a lot has changed

  3. This version of the map causes me to reload the navigation data each time I start the game.
    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there anything you can do about it? Please advise.

  4. If this mod map is enabled(even if only this mod) everytime you start the game it says content changed

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