Yemen & Oman (YOM Map) v 0.4 1.45

YOM map 1.43 (Yemen and Oman ) v0.3

– Addon for Red Sea Map and middle east Promods.
– This is just an optional TEST addon map which is not finished[
– The author does not bear any legal consequences as a result of the lack of permission for models and accessories of other mappers.
– How to turn on mod? Repack mod and place in documents>mod>(place there). Place the mod above the RED SEA files in the mod manager.

[CITIES] 0.2/0.3:



– *other villages like :,,Abs”*

Tested for 1.45x


ZhytorPL , Mushroom_Strawberry995, _BoberX_ , (PM , PMME,TM )

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