AI Traffic Mod by D.B Creation for ETS2 1.49

AI Traffic Mod by D.B Creation for ETS2 1.49

Here are some bullet points about the D.B Creation ETS 2 mod to encourage users to download:

D.B Creation offers various mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2).
D.B Creation’s mods improve the in-game traffic system and provide a variety of improvements.
D.B Creation mods allow users to take the gaming experience to a new level.
D.B Creation’s mods feature revamped AI, more variations, better sounds and textures, and much more.
D.B Creation regularly releases updates to its mods to ensure they are compatible with the latest versions of ETS 2.
To download the D.B Creation mods, users can visit the official homepage.
On the D.B Creation homepage, users can find more information about the mods and see their quality for themselves.
D.B Creation’s mods are popular with the ETS 2 community and have received positive reviews.
Users can use D.B Creation’s mods to personalize and improve the gaming experience in ETS 2.
D.B Creation also offers level design and AI game modding for ETS 2, providing additional options for users to customize the game.

Please note that these are just bullet points and further information can be found on the official D.B Creation homepage.

D.B Creation’s Traffic Intensity Mod is a must for every ETS2 fan looking for a realistic and immersive simulation.

Download today and experience the difference!


ETS 2 mods by D.B Creation Dev Team Germany
are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative 4.0 International License.
Based on the work of
SCS Software S.R.O

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