Better Flares v 4.4.1 1.49

Better Flares Adapted v3.2

Key features:
– Completely reworked flares
– Realistic headlights patterns (up to 50 modded trucks supported)
– Modified SCS AI traffic with 9 headlights color variants and 2 red/brake signals

Place TRAFFIC ADDON at the very bottom of Mod Manager, below other mods to avoid errors and crashes

Traffic Addon is now dependent on Sound Fixes Pack mod. and merging it with Traffic Addon was the only way to cure mismatches between flare and headlights colors while keeping modded sounds. This is why SFP is now mandatory, without it traffic won’t spawn.

Also I’ve added City Lights Addon, which modifies flares and intensity of street lamps

Jazzycat addons are of course not required and should not be loaded when you don’t have Jazzys packs.

Load order:
BFv3.3 Headlights (blue/Yellow/Neutral – CHOOSE ONLY ONE)
BFv3.3 Base
BFv3.3 Jazzycat add-ons
Jazzy packs
Other Traffic add-ons
BFv3.3 Default Traffic addon
Other Mods (trucks trailers maps etc)

This is an addon for Better Flares mod is here
This mod adds 8 new light options to traffic from Jazzycat packages.

Supported Jazzycat packages:
– AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– American Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Brazilian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
– Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat

Warning! This addon should have a higher priority than the Jazzycat packs.


Avelium, Zippy

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