Big Stobart Trailer & Skins Pack v 18.0 1.44

Big Stobart Mod v17.0

The Big Stobart Mod is a massive Stobart based mod that includes multiple standalone trailers and AI traffic combos with various Stobart liveries.
All trailers will be seen in the AI traffic with appropriate truck combos.

Mod adapted for 1.45

Version 17.2: update for 1.44
v17.1: Updated for 1.43 changes
v17.1.2: Bug fix.

Since Eddie Stobart Logistics no longer exists and is now part of Culina, this mod is considered discontinued. It will be updated for future game version support if required.

Version 17.0:
Added additional owned trailer skins for custom trailer and SCS trailers.
Removed support for all old versions.



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