Filmic Lighting v 1.0

A graphics mod that Improves colour grading by using a Filmic tonemapping transform, which is closer to how film would react to light in real life. This helps to avoid blown-out highlight areas by increasing the target white point. The overall image is much softer and lower in contrast than the default colour transform.

In addition, this mod
– Removes the bloom effect
– Supports ProMods climates
– Improves vegetation movement in wind
– Slightly tweaks climate values


If you feel that the overall contrast is too low, I recommend that you lower the game’s brightness (gamma) to your preference. Setting the brightness slider to about 40% should help.

I would appreciate it if you gave feedback on how this mod can be improved. Thank you.

Compatible with 1.30.x and ProMods 2.26. Compatible with version 1.31.
Mod must have high priority. Load above ProMods Definitions. Not compatible with Realistic Graphics Mod or any other mod that modifies weather and climate. This does not, however, include mods that change sunset and sunrise timings such as Actual Day-/Nighttime Mod. Pure texture mods should also be unaffected.



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