Ista Physics v 2.0

Ista Physics v2.0

Ista Physics v2.0

Ista Physics v2.0

Update for 1.35
Improve physics
This will with out edit to chassis data
1.Set the “Trailer Stability” to 0%.
Set the “Truck Stability” to 0%.
Set the “Suspension stiffness” to 40%.
2.Test and readjust your steering sensitivity/non linearity
3.Test and readjust your Brake sensitivity
4.physics camera arround 50% or readjust by yourself

Option to Set the “Cabin Suspension stiffness” to 50% at command.


Real Tire mass:
Base from Michelin X MuiltiWay 3D XZE 315/80R22.5 with 9.00″ x 22.5″ steel wheel

Tire physics:

little more damping for all
less sway_bar_stiffness

Cabin suspension:
little more cabin suspension travel
little more cabin suspension damping factor

high response

Rework fifth wheel from real data angle

much stronger is braking at low speed



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