Kronos Telemetry v 0.7.1a

Kronos Telemetry [Android] 0.7a

Kronos Telemetry [Android] 0.7a

Kronos Telemetry [Android] 0.7a

version 0.7.1a (hotfix)
* Only 4 skins has been ported (Man TGX [Dark and Light], Renault magnum Gen 2, Freightliner.)
* Only Server 4.0.0 is compatible
* “General” settings will allow to manage the parsing speed (/refresh rate), and Post-Fx activation
* To bring the menu up, Tap and hold “Menu” button and Drag upwards. To hide it. drag downwards.
* Renault Magnum Trip-computer is not implemented.
* crash on loading time may still happen. use fairly new devices for testing (2Gb RAM or more recommended)
* Freightliner skin has really big files (7,2Mb/texture) and may take a while to open.

What is Kronos Telemetry?
Kronos telemetry is a stand-alone telemetry client for android devices. Kronos can pull data from the server (funbit’s and/or AcuSync) and print/render it in real time with minimum hit performance.
Its written fully in C# .Net 4.x, 60 scripted controllers, thousands lines of code and counting, powerful raw Json parser(by Beta Dynamics and Egersys), Realtime lighting and Post-processing

How it works
Well that’s complicated. The short answer is simple. Since you press the connect button, Kronos broadcasts a message to AcuSync Parser to read the data (json format) from the server. The parser stores the data in a temporary memory slot. After that the parser broadcasts a message to the controllers (of each skin) to split and distribute the values to the correct slots.
Cool. But what are the controllers?.. Well, each skin has its own controllers (3-10, maybe more) that receive the message from the parser. Let’s make it more simple. the Speedometer has its own controller. That controller takes the value from the parser and translates/converts it into angular rotation. this is how you see the gauge moving. the same applies to every single gauge, trip computer, etc.

[— BETA —] Funbit’s Telemetry server (v3.2.5 and 4.0)

How to install
You need 2 devices. A PC (you probably already have one) to run the game, and an android device to install Kronos.

On your computer you should have installed the Funbit’s telemetry Web-server.

Android (Minimum Version: 4.1 Jelly Bean):
Allow installations from unknown sources.
Go to the settings ==> security ==> Check on the option “Unknown sources.”
Install Kronos application
Run Kronos on your android device
On the “server IP” input-field, add your local device IP. Your device IP will be shown at the funbit’s telemetry server. (i.e
Press connect
Select a skin

Keep in mind you need a Wi-Fi connection in close range(For your android device). Both devices should be connected to the same network.


M4rc10w, Klauzzy, PauloTNCunha, Weaver1911, Beta Dynamics, Egersys

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FileFile size
rar KT-07a41__40_189__41_36 MB
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