More Realism in Game v 12 1.36.x

More Realism in Game v8.0 1.33.x

More Realism in Game v8.0 1.33.x

More Realism in Game v8.0 1.33.x

Online purchase is available
Improve the sound of rain and thunder
There is no fee for hiring
Increase the speed of all AI cars
Fixing data on certain engines (MichelP)
The game starts at 6 am with 176,000 €
Reducing the amount of XP received during the trip (10 XP for every 100 kilometers)
Reducing the amount of XP received during the mission (10 XP for every 100 kilometers)
Reducing the amount of XP you get when driving on an uncharted road (20 XP for every 100 kilometers)
Reducing the number of lost XP for being late
Reducing the maximum credit ceiling
The allowed overdraft expires in 30 days
A much longer repayment period
The cost of leaving the trailer is reduced to 1,200 euros
Drivers ‘ expenses are more realistic
More realistic sunrises and nights
Modification of the experience points system
Modifying part of icons
Change in loan amount
Modification of camera parameters
Night opacity increased by 90%
XP loss on the trailer is reduced to 1 XP per% of damage and 1% per % of damage
The loss of money on the trailer decreased by 10 € per % of losses and by 1% per % of losses
Ability to credit without completing any mission
Prices for accessories have decreased by an average of 90%, so they are more realistic (even in all DLC excluded flags DLC, which is real)
The price of fines is set in accordance with French rules
More realistic prices for the goods
Price for reduced garages 90%
Realistic fuel prices in all countries
Reducing the driver’s consumption per kilometer, from 0.2 to 0.3 liters
Reducing the probability that the driver does not have a trailer by 0%
Reducing the damage caused to the driver by 0%
Important reduction in delivery prices (0.6 € / km)
Reducing the price of diesel fuel in garages by 20%
Reduced delay times (8 hours for non-urgent deliveries, 4 hours for regular and 1 hour for urgent deliveries vs. 2 days, 12 hours and 4 hours)
The interest rate on loans has been reduced to 5%
Realistic currency exchange rates
Rest time (45 minutes break every 4:30)

PS: This modification contains more than 3.000 files which were modified by myself!

Update of fuel prices.
Durations of loans divied per 10.
Loans more expensive.
You start the game with 16.000€.
Prices of selling of trucks on 50% of their initial prices.
Prices of the garages reduced of 30%.


Ficfic & thanks to Hugo Coytte, James LeBavard, MichelP, and American-Express

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