No-Bloom Add-on v 1.2 for Realistic Graphics Mod

No-Bloom Addon v1.0 for Realistic Graphics Mod by Frkn64

No-Bloom Addon v1.0 for Realistic Graphics Mod by Frkn64

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This add-on removes the bloom effect that occurs when a light is reflected directly on light colored objects or surfaces when using Realistic Graphics Mod.

– This addon must have higher priority than Realistic Graphics Mod in Mod Manager to work.
– Compatible with Promods map. Promods Support Add-on is not required.

Recommended Mod Manager order for Promods Map users:
1-(top row) No-Bloom Add-on
2- Realistic Graphics Mod
3- Promods Definition Pack
4- Promods Map Pack
5- Promods Media Pack
6- Promods Model 3 Pack
7- Promods Model 2 Pack
8- Promods Model 1 Pack
9- Promods Assets Pack

This addon cannot work together with Darker Nights Add-on of Realistic Graphics Mod! One of the addons will not work properly when both addons are used together.

v1.2 released. Changelog:
– Added support for RGM 4.0 update.



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