Passengers Mod v 1.7 1.45.x

Passenger Mod By: Cristian Ets2 1.40

This mod adds passengers at various ETS2 companies and on maps:
EAA, EBR, Rotas Brasil, Eldorado, Bahia, Sul-Parana, RC Brasil, Brasilzao, Ceibo, Vanessa Pashmina, Grand Utopia and Promods

Compatible with the version 1.39x – 1.45x


* This mod is an adaptation of a trailer, there may be some bugs
* If the passanger do not appear, advance the time, (sleep, F7 + enter or quick travel). They will be available in quick jobs and in the freight market
* It is not possible to add passengers in the standard bus stations (ETS2/ATS Standard Map), it is necessary to edit the map and prefab
* If a trailer appears in the same place as the passengers, use camera 0 + ctrl, F9 or F7+enter for workshop
* Mod tested and working in multiplayer, make sure everyone on the convoy is using the same mod version (Steam workshop version is different from sharemods version)

Changes in v1.7:

– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.43;
– Corrected icons.

Update 5 oct:

– Adjustment on load hitch
– Fit on collision


Cristhian Cardoso

4.6/5 - (5 votes)
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