Police Tweaks v 1.0

What does this do?

This mod changes some of the settings for the traffic offenses system in the game to make them, in my opinion, slightly better.

You will have 10 seconds to reduce your speed after entering a slower speed zone
With some map mods you don’t always get a sign warning you that the speed limit is about to change. This wasn’t a problem until working police cars were introduced. Now they can cruise behind you and fine you almost instantly after crossing into an area with a lower speed limit. By default you only have 3 seconds to reduce your speed after an unexpected speed change, which isn’t usually enough time to get your speed down. This mod increases that time to 10 seconds to give you a better chance of slowing down.

Speed cameras have a 90% probability of fining you
In real life not all speed cameras work, so I’ve reduced the probability from 100% to 90%.

You won’t get fined double if there is a police car nearby
As far as I know you don’t get fined more for a traffic offense if there are more police around in real life so it didn’t really make much sense to have that feature in the game.


This mod will not work with any other mod that changes the file “police_data.sii” but it should be compatible with everything else.

Mod not working?

Some people have trouble getting this mod to work. If the mod still doesn’t work when you put it at the top of your load order, try Police Tweaks (Re-Tweaked) which uses a different method to achieve a similar effect on gameplay.



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