Real Emergency Ai Pack v 1.5 for ETS2 1.44-1.49

Real Emergency Ai Pack v1.0

– Mod adding in traffic copies of all SCS stock police and emergency vehicles with beacon and personalized siren sounds, spawning alongside default vehicles and at the same spawn ratio as their opponents
– All vehicles have personalized sounds for all EU countries covered by SCS
– each vehicle can spawn only with beacon or with beacon and sound, while the sound is also not continuous
– each siren sound has a length between 20-30 seconds and the gap until the sound will start again is random
– all vehicles have also engine sound (imported from my Real Ai sounds)
– no sounds for vehicles spawned in road events

other mod features only available if used together with my Real Traffic Density mod:

– default police and emergency (without beacon and sounds) are restricted only to local roads
– on local roads can also spawn a silent version of Real Emergency vehicles (with less probability of having a sound)
– Ai vehicles spawning in cities and motorways will be more likely to have a sound



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8 Comments on “Real Emergency Ai Pack v 1.5 for ETS2 1.44-1.49”

  1. The Mod is not working, only 2 files in download, you’re loadorder shows 3 files. What is going wrong here?

  2. 1.47로 업데이트 된것이 맞습니까? 모드 적용에는 문제가 없지만 소리가 들리지 않고 바콘이 돌아가지 않습니다..Real Ai Traffic Sounds ETS2 (FMOD)와 호환성 문제가 있습니까?>
    스팀 Real Ai Traffic Sounds ETS2 (FMOD)개발자는 외부 모드인 긴급차량팩과 정상작동여부는 아직 발표하기 어렵다고 했습니다..
    귀하의 모드는 제가 가장 사랑하는 모드입니다..싸이렌 소리와 경광등의 빛은 주행하는데 있어서 가장 필연적인 요소가 되었습니다..이 모드가 없다면 저는 더 이상 게임을 하지 않을 것입니다.

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