Real European Companies Reloaded 1.47.x


The mod replaces default companies with real ones.

Mod features:

Replaced 186 defaulted companies

Only companies with the highest revenue, market share and reach are used

Replaced logos, signs and signs

Replaced all trailer skins (in orders and traffic)

Schwarzmüller DLC and Krone DLC (skins) supported

All ferries, shipyards, ports, background models and images have also been replaced


The mod has been officially updated to version 1.47.
Completely replaced by Lisette Logistics -> GEODIS (Base/France).
The car Dacia (Black Sea) has been completely redesigned in accordance with the new design.
XPO (Black Sea / Iberia) has a new name and several branding updates.


Copy the downloaded file to the mod folder and connect it in the mod manager.
For game version 1.47.x


1) Without repeats and hybrid gas stations there are 32 companies in base game, 22 in Scandinavia DLC, 15 in France DLC, 17 in Italia DLC, 33 in Baltic DLC, and 22 in Black Sea DLC as of v1.37. However, there are also 14 Russian (Cyrillic) companies, too which are SCS repeats from Latin versions but l‘ll try to replace them, too.

2) Anything related to Blender is not touched and won‘t be in the feature because I don‘t work in Blender and mod can‘t be broken in the some future update.

3) Trailers‘ textures are replicated from the real life trailers if possible. Some companies use at least two different versions so I choose what I personally prefer. Many companies obviously don‘t have real life trailers so they are my creative interpretation.

4) Only companies that have the largest revenues, market share and coverage in games‘ countries are used if company is not local. Please suggest better company for replacement if you know.

Scania and Volvo Trucks have new logos.
Volvo Trucks trailer has been updated to DX11 and is used by Volvo Cars, too.
Scania trailer has been updated to DX11 just as Volvo one.
All 3 Marina companies have fixed UI logos.
ADR signs have been updated to GHS hazard pictograms and DX11.
All ferry ships has been updated to the real one.
There are many updated models and prefabs. Please check Change notes and screenshots.



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2 Comments on “Real European Companies Reloaded 1.47.x”

  1. I traveled everything on scs, it is very interesting to drive again to new companies that exist in real life. Thank you very much for your idea

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