Realistic Vehicle Lights Mod v 7.4 1.50

Realistic Vehicle Lights v3.0 by Frkn64

This mod makes all light flares, effects and reflections more realistic.


– Updated light source definitions for ETS 2 1.50
– Added support for HashFS v2 format, enabling more efficient loading of mod data
– Implemented minor bug fixes

Update 7.3
– Fixed traffic lights not working in Germany after Germany rework.
– Re-optimized the flare visibility of traffic lights.

Update: 16 Jun
-Added optional mod support for convoy mode.
-Compatibility for 1.47

Update 7.2 is out. Changelog:
– Re-optimized flare visibility distances.
– Minor bug fixes

v4.3 released. Changelog:
– Added support for 1.36 update.
– Improved quality of light flares.
– Decreased visibility of vehicle light reflections for daytime.

v4.2 released. Changelog:
– Improved light flares.
– Minor bug fixes.



– High quality and realistic light flares
– Realistic light reflection effects
– Realistic light scales & ranges
– More vibrant light colors
– This mod also changes the lights of street lamps and traffic lamps for better realism.


Frkn64 Modding

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