Russian Trailer Traffic Pack v 5.0

Russian Trailer Traffic Pack v1.0

Full version of the Russian traffic mod called Russian Traffic Trailer Pack

Full list of companies that can be seen in traffic:

– Лидертранс
– Приволжье транс
– Logis
– Яндекс
– Wildberries
– Байкал Сервис
– ЖелДорЭкспедиция

I hope you appreciate my work! Have a nice trip!

List of changes v5:

– ten new companies added
– error correction
– some old trailers have been removed and some have been redesigned and added to direct transport

List of changes v4:

– new trailers of Russian trading companies have been developed and added both to traffic and for direct transportation

New companies:

– Перекресток (traffic and direct transportation)
– Мираторг (traffic and direct transportation)
– DNS (traffic and direct transportation)
– Останкино
– Детский мир
– Светофор
– М Видео
– Пятёрочка – 25 лет (traffic and direct transportation)
– Помощь Донбассу (traffic and direct transportation)
– Шторный прицеп компании BONUM (traffic and direct transportation)
– Обычный шторный синий прицеп (traffic and direct transportation)

List of changes v.3.0:

– the interval of appearance of trailers in traffic has been slightly reduced for full combination with default traffic and if the Sibir Map is used.
– new trailers from trailer manufacturing companies have been developed and added, which are repeatedly found on the roads of Russia + two new companies.

New companies version 3.0

– Kogel
– Schmitz Cargobull
– Автобан (Российская компания)
– Деловые линии (свой вариант) (Российская компания)
– Kassbocher
– CTTM Cargoline
– Grunwald

Changes v2.0:

– The interval for trailers to appear in traffic has been slightly reduced
– Nine new trailers of Russian companies have been developed and added

New companies version 2.0

– Fix Price
– Adamos Logistic
– Магнит Свежесть
– Пятёрочка (свой вариант)
– Savalt
– Globus
– Технопарк
– Lagrange Group


– company skins have been developed and redesigned
– some companies have been changed
– error correction
– trailers are not available in direct shipment orders



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