ScraTchys physics v 3.3 1.50

ScraTchys physics v3.0

This mod is my preferred adaptation for the truck physics, when the cabin view is used primarily. Unfortunately, from outside the cabin-motion looks not very realistic, but it shakes a little bit more the cabin during your road trips and creates a better feeling for load transfer.

Adjustments had been made on:

# steering
# brakes
# cabin
# suspension
# clutch
# chassis

compatible with: v1.50.X

# mod needs a high priority
# recommended for steering wheel use

# uset g_suspension_stiffness 0.35
# uset g_brake_intensity 2.0

# uset g_truck_stability 0.2 [min]
# set a low level of truck stability (slider to left)

# uset g_trailer_stability 0.55 [moderate]
# set a moderate level of trailer stability (slider to middle)

added support for:

– Mercedes 1632 NG [Edit by Ekualizer]
– DAF F241 series [by XBS]
– VOLVO F88 [by XBS]
– Scania T Mod [by RJL]
– DAF 95 ATi [by XBS]
– Big Stars [by WTD]
– Kamaz 5490 Neo [by Max_Dmitriev & others]
– MAZ 5440 [Bruieser & others]
– FORD F MAX [by SimülasyonTÜRK]

Updated for 1.44
Update 8 March – added MAN 2000 support
11 Dec – version update: added support for MAN TGX E6 by Gloover



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