Used Truck Market v 1.0.2

Used Truck Market v1.0.1

Key Features:

* At least one model of each brand is currently available for purchase;
* Each truck comes with different mileage, accessories, wear parts, engine condition and price;
* Used trucks have their own dealership in Frankfurt.

Detailed aspects of some truck features:

* Truck prices vary between 43%-55% (vs your new version) depending on your kilometers;
* More kilometers means cheaper price, but truck parts come with more wear and tear;
* As a disadvantage, you cannot change the cabin, chassis, engine, interior and transmission of used trucks, but you can paint them and add/remove accessories.

Engine condition features:

* The engine condition can be found in the engine name;
* Engines with high mileage will have permanent “tiredness” and will not be able to reach their peak power (up to 20%);
* Each engine is unique and has a custom torque curve;
* Trucks with broken engines will have (!) at the beginning of the name and will appear in the description;
* If an engine breaks down, you have a few options for used/new engines.

Truck dealership:

* You can drive to the truck dealership in Frankfurt (still with Iveco flags) and buy used trucks there (also on the map);
* Used trucks guide in mod dealer where you can buy all trucks from there.

Changes 1.0.2:

-Unlocking trucks that were locked by paint-job


– Added 3 trucks Mercedes Actros 2014
– Change of stand logo



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