License Plate Pack part 2 v 6.6.2 1.48.5

License Plate Pack part 2 1.35.x

License Plate Pack part 2 1.35.x

Briefly about the modification:

– All license plates are from real trucks

To set of registration plates have entered:

A, AM, AZ, B, BG, BY, CZ, D, DK, E, EST, F, FIN, GB, GE, GR, H, HR, I, IL, KG, KZ, L, LT, LV, MD, MNE, NL, P, PL, RO, RUS, S, SK, SLO, SRB, TR, UA, UZ

Total at the moment the package has in itself 39 license plate

Installing mod with higher priority than the truck itself!

The list of trucks supporting this modification will be periodically updated

– DAF XF 105 by Vadik
– Volvo FH&FH16 2009 by Schumi
– Mercedes Actros MP4 by Schumi
– Mercedes Actros MP3 by Schumi
– DAF XF 106 by Schumi
– Volvo FH&FH16 2012 (addon) by Schumi
– Iveco Hi-Way by Schumi
– MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster
– MAN TGX by MADster
– Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked by Eugene
– Renault Magnum by Knox_xss
– VOLVO F88 by XBS
– Volvo FM by galimim
– Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew
– Sisu R & C-series by LoaderSaints
– Volvo FH 3rd Generation by johnny244
– Scania R NexGen by SCS
– Scania S NexGen by SCS
– MAN TGX Euro 6 by SCS
– Mercedes Actros MP3 by SCS
– Renault T by SCS
– DAF 2021 by SCS
– MAN F2000 Evo by XBS
– Volvo FH 2020 by KP TruckDesign Rework

Currently supported game version: 1.38 work on other versions – is not guaranteed.

Remember to disable the old mod in the mod manager!
Currently supported game version: 1.40 and higher work on other versions – is not guaranteed.


Donovan, Vad&k

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One Comment on “License Plate Pack part 2 v 6.6.2 1.48.5”

  1. Great job, great mod.
    It doesn’t work on the Man Euro 6 Madster.
    Could you include Scania RJL and Daf 2021 Reworked by Jasper in the next update?
    Thank you so much.

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