Wheels Pack 50KEDA 1.36.x

This fix update the 50k Wheeels Pack mod to version 1.36.x of Euro Ytuck Simulator 2.
For it work propely this mod must be placed just above the original 50k Wheels Pack mod.

Wheel modules made by Ventyres, 50keda
I just made changes
Let ai trucks be replaced by ALCOA wheels
All ai trucks and ai truck modules
able to use
Have tested everything ok
Module order should not be affected
Have fun ~
Compatible from new trailers Owned version 1.32.x

Fix for 50k Wheels Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 v.1.35.x
This fix update the 50k Wheels Pack mod to version 1.35,x of Euro Truck Simulator 2.
For it to work properly this mod must be placed just above the original 50k WheelsPack mod.


50KEDA, Artwork Mods, Anarook

Wheels Pack 50KEDA 1.36.x
2.6 (51.43%) 7 vote[s]

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FileFile size
rar Wheels_Pack_50KEDA_V1-32-X7 MB
rar Fix_for_50k_Wheels_Pack__ETS2_1.35.X_5 MB
rar Fix_for_50k_Wheels_Pack_ETS2_1.36.X5 MB
rar 50k_wheelspack11 MB
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