TT SCS Trailer Skin Pack v 1.0

This package adds new skins to SCS trailers. It contains completely real companies.

Works seamlessly with Jazzycat packages.
Currently includes 107 skin.
Skins are designed for all types of semi-trailers, tankers and animal transport trailers.
I’m gonna add more skin.
All skins are located in the freight market and in ai traffic.
The package does not make any changes that will affect the gameplay. Traffic intensity, physics, weather etc. There is no undesirable effect.

Purpose of this mode

To provide real companies to users with low-configuration computers that are experiencing FPS problems.
At the same time, converting SCS trailers that are not touched by trailer packages into real companies.

Some problems

SCS original trailers have some limitations.
1. The prepared skin should work on both long and short trailers.
2. Skin should also work in tankers.

For this reason, it is not possible to add logos that completely cover the trailer. Because either on short trailers or tankers, there are problems.

How to use

If you are using ai traffic packages such as Jazzycat, they should be placed under these packages.


Tekteker Haydar

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